Aerial view of the Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Visitor's Center Entrance

Hoover Dam Memorial

Hoover Dam Exhibit

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Scerene Hoover Dam

Want to see a Modern Engineering Marvel but is short on time? This is the tour to take. Travel by bus to the Hoover Dam and have two hours to explore. The Visitor's Center has many exhibits detailing the dam's construction and the heroic people who built it. Strolling along the top the scenery is stunning with Lake Mead on one side and the Colorado River on the other. There are many art exhibits and memorials to see along the way.

On the trip there will be a stop at Kanab, Utah where you will find shops that feature Indian and western wear. You will also have a chance to see Frontier Town know as "Little Hollywood" of western movies. The museum features preserved western movie sets of the past. You can stroll through these sets and appreciate the fabulous illusions the film makers brought to the silver screen.

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